What is Tactylism

Tactylism is a revolutionary form of sculptural art, created by Alex AG. The tactylism art objects are created for the tactile perception, and need to be handled in order to experience, while traditional sculpture is rarely even allowed to be touched.
It's the first time in recorded history the form of art is created for a different sense, the sence of touch.

“Alex AG (Alex Garber) liberated the sense of touch from the dictate of the vision, as if the sense considered “inferior” rebelled against the “upper” sense – the vision.”

Excerpt from “Tactylism of Alex AG
by  Aleksandra Shatskikh,
Doctor of Art History
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How Does It Work?

The tactile sculptures are created to be a personal item, owned and enjoyed by a single individual. They all are sized for being an easy-to-carry object, accompanying its owner on a regular basis. Holding and handling them has a calming effect and helps the thought process. The sculptures are created to have a very small chance of being broken even if dropped.

While one may choose the sculpture based on its appearance, it’s suggested by AG to focus on how the object feels first. Nevertheless, the tactile sculptures collection includes a large variety of forms, mostly based on various animal shapes.

Due to their nature, tactile sculptures are the most personal form of art objects in existence. Not only they are not designed for a public exhibitions, their shape also is so intimately connected to the feel of the surface that even their appearance cannot be adequately reproduced by the means of photography or video.


Each piece is undergoing a rigorous long process of creation, starting from acquiring the stones.

First the general shape is discovered in the piece of rock and the general shape is created. After that the surface is carefully crafted to tell the story and to create a unique sensation. Then there is a process of perfecting it, which involves creating the surface and further eliminating anything that may be disruptive in experiencing the art piece by touch.

“Art can manifest itself in many forms: it can be mathematically precise, exuberantly extravagant, digital and synthetic, deafeningly monumental… and finally it can be heartwarmingly tactile… tender and silky on touch, becoming alive under the touch of your fingers, animated by your warmth…

you feel like a sorcerer in an enchanted forest populated with fantastic beasts.”

Diana Doro on Tactylism, 2022

These are some examples of Alex AG’s tactile sculpture

While the visual of the pieces is at most secondary for the form of art focused on the sense of touch, Alex AG is often asked what these pieces look like. To satisfy this curiosity below are several examples of the actual pieces in the gallery below.

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One Day Away From Ásgardr:
Installation of nineteen tactile sculptures 2023

This installation is homage to Norse pagan beliefs, inspired by characters of Scandinavian mythology and aesthetics of ritual stone carving.

These works are tactile sculpture pieces, created to be displayed together on a special stand that replicates the appearance of the Norsk landscape…

Hidden Desire: The Female Totem Collection

This collection of tactile sculptures is devoted to Feminine Energy and the notion of Universal Mother Goddess, the image that transpired in every culture’s mythology.

These sculptures are a tribute to the power of female energies and the beauty of the female body.


Authenticity Proof:
The New Plaster Cast Pods-Certificates

The new type of certificate of authenticity provides a direct authenticity proof and unique to each piece.

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