Hidden Desire:
The Female Totem Collection

This collection of tactile sculptures is devoted to Feminine Energy and the notion of Universal Mother Goddess, the image that transpired in every culture’s mythology. These sculptures are a tribute to the power of female energies and the beauty of the female body. The Hidden Desire collection is an ongoing series of Alex AG, containing the works, visually and in terms of tactile sensation based on the most delicate and elegant part of the female body.

The frontal part of the sculptures is based on symbolic representation of the series’ subject appearance and by almost scientific precision of its tactile feel. The feel becomes especially apparent when the sculpture is warmed in the hand to the body temperature. The back of the sculpture is rough stone touched just enough to be pleasant on touch, which allows the object to be stored anywhere. This design is also a reason for the series name.

The sculpture’s material is rock and each piece is made from a different mineral, including granite, aventurine, serpentine, quartz and sodalite. While all pieces are created with the sensation from the subject of the sculpture in mind, some pieces are smooth, some slick and some silky. Each is truly unique.

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Getting one for yourself


The number of the items in the collection is limited. Each piece is unique in both shape, material and finish. Unfortunately visual representation is not providing the ability to experience the piece properly. If you are in New York, it can be arranged to see it in person.

The pieces are given with illuminated jewelry box, fit for the size of the sculpture.

It’s recommended to call (646) 847-8236 before placing the order to ensure the availability of the piece. Naturally another piece cannot replace the one you have selected and each sculpture is unique.

If you were offered the special price from the artist, please use the payment method below and just change the amount to the agreed one.

Please use the payment form below:

Packaging and Certification

All of the Hidden Desire works will be shipped with certificate of the authenticity stating the unique number of the item in the catalog. Each item will be shipped with the illuminated jewelry box of the appropriate size (the smallest pieces will have the choices of all three boxes above, but majority of the sculptures will be shipped in the largest box in the middle).

Available Sculptures:

Every effort will be made to update the status of each piece as soon as it sold, but calling (646) 847-8236 to check it’s present status before making a payment is recommended.

Name: Rough and Smooth

Material: Unknown (found rock), probably granite with inclusions

Size: 3″ long (7.5 cm.) at longest measurement

Name: Blue Passion

Material: Sodalite

Size: 3″ long (7.5 cm.) at longest measurement

Name: Blossoming Desire

Material: Composite rock with quarts inclusions

Size: 3″ long (7.5 cm.) at longest measurement

Name: Pink Exquisite

Material: Rose Quarts

Size: 3″ long (7.5 cm.) at longest measurement

Name: Rough and Smooth

Material: Unknown composite rock with high contrast of different components

Size: 3″ long (7.5 cm.) at longest measurement

Name: Large and Round

Material: Granite (?) with inclusions

Size: 4″ long (10 cm.) at longest measurement

Name: The Shape of Heart

Material: Granite

Size: 3″(h) x 3.25″(w) (7.5 x 8.5 cm)

Name: Thin and Silky

Material: Serpentine. Extremely smooth silky surface.

Size: 2.5″ long (6.5 cm.) at longest measurement

You can make your payment by using PayPal below or by Zelle. The payment includes shipping costs in continental USA. If you are located outside of the US – please call before placing the order.

Name: Rock Solid

Material: Granite.

Size: 3″ long (7.5 cm.) at longest measurement

Name: Pink Cuteness

Material: Aventurine. Notably velvety on touch, when polished.

Size: 2.2″ long (6 cm.) at longest measurement