Curious How Tactile Sculptures Look ?

Due to their nature they cannot be completely experienced without physically touching them, however this gallery can give an idea of their visual style and feel. The photography is not an accurate depiction of even their appearance.

Larger Scale: Why They Have to Be Small

There is a very small number of tactile sculptures that are specially made by Alex AG to accompany the exhibition events and to demonstrate the fact that this form of art is best experienced, if the work’s size is small enough to fit in one’s hand. These pieces are made by the same approach and can be experienced as other tactile sculpture save for one property – they cannot be held and under the owner full control.

Authenticity Proof: The New Plaster Cast Pods-Certificates

Because of the nature of the process the tactile sculptures do not bear an artist signature and therefore the certificate of authenticity is the most important proof of the piece being an original AG’s sculpture.

The standard certificate contains the red ink imprint of the sculpture, however the new format offers something even more exciting: a plaster cast, containing a 3D imprint of the artwork, signed, stamped and dated by Alex AG. These certificates are made only for small number of pieces and per request can be made for any of the works during the process of the purchase.

Each pod is unique to it’s piece and cannot be forged or altered to fit a different work.