One Day Away From Ásgardr:

Installation of nineteen tactile sculptures 2023

This installation is homage to Norse pagan beliefs, inspired by characters of Scandinavian mythology and aesthetics of ritual stone carving.

The pieces included in this collection are the following:


  • Óðinn – father and leader of gods
  • Rígr – old and wise, mighty and strong
  • Tyr – the god of war
  • Thor – god of thunder
  • Höðr – the blind god
  • Loki – the god of mischief
  • Freyja – the goddess of love
  • Hel – the queen of the Other world
  • Bestla – Odin’s mother
  • Bor Burison – Odin’s father
  • Unknown Goddess


  • Sleipnir – the eight legged horse of Odin
  • Huginn – the raven
  • Fenrir – the wolf
  • Ratatoskr – the squirrel
  • Jörmungandr – the serpent
  • Freyja’s Cat


  • Worshipper One
  • Worshipper Two


These works are tactile sculpture pieces, created to be displayed together on a special stand that replicates the appearance of the Norsk landscape.

The collection features 11 sculptures, based on the aesthetics of northern idols and inspired by some of the characters of Sæmundar Edda – the Scandinavian epos. The legendary animals are represented by 5 most charismatic legendary creatures. There are also two figures of worshippers included.

The narrative of the group is based on a notion of the pagan place of worship that is one day of travel away from the Ásgardr – the home of the Norsk gods.

Getting one for yourself


The collection is meant to be owned in its entirety, however if you would like to own just one of them, please contact the sculptor and inquire about it. Each piece is unique in both shape, material and finish. Unfortunately visual representation is not providing the ability to experience the piece properly. If you are in New York, it can be arranged to see it in person.

The pieces are given with it’s own custom crafted stand looking like the mossy ground made from plaster and real moss.

It’s recommended to call (646) 847-8236 before placing the order to ensure the availability of the piece. Naturally another piece cannot replace the one you have selected and each sculpture is unique.

If you were offered the special price from the artist, please use the payment method below and just change the amount to the agreed one.

Please use the payment form below:


This collection is displayed in acrylic box matching in size the display stand.

Available Sculptures:

Every effort will be made to update the status of each piece as soon as it sold, but calling (646) 847-8236 to check it’s present status before making a payment is recommended.